Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jazz Fest

Amy and I went to the New Orleans Jazz Fest last weekend. We had a great time. My cousin Holly and her husband live there, and they were nice enough to let us stay with them.

On Friday we saw Alison Krauss and Robert Plant perform on Friday. I wasn't sure how that combination would work together but they pulled it off really well. They sang some popular songs from both of their pasts and also sang some songs I had never heard before. On Saturday we saw a really good tribute to George Lewis. It was so good it made we want to buy a clarinet and learn to play.

Sunday Holly and John took us on tour of the 9th Ward and St Benard Parish to show the devastation of Katrina. It was unbelievable. Miles of neighborhoods completely abandoned. Everything was destroyed.

We drove back yesterday and going back to work today was really hard. Hanging out, drinking, eating good food, and listening to music is a lot more than working.

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chocolate girl said...

Welcome back to reality! Tough, isn't it? Sounded like a fun trip. Hope to see you sometime soon!