Thursday, June 08, 2006

Knee Pain

Been having some pain in my knees.

The pain is mostly around the kneecap. Especially on the front of the
kneecap and on the top. It hurts when I walk up stairs or squat. It
is mostly a dull ache but the kneecap is sore to the touch if I push

I noticed it last Tues for the first time while I was doing a push
interval. I had it in a really hard gear and I was pulling up
forcefully on my pedals to maintain cadence. It felt kinda like
weight lifting where you tear your muscles slightly to get stronger.

I don't remember any pain on Thurs or Sunday. This tues morning I
noticed it was a little sore when I was riding my bike to work. I
rode monday and don't remember any problems.

It isn't terribly painful. Just feels not right if that makes sense.

All of the muscles in my legs are tight as steel cables. When I
stretch my hamstrings a little it takes pressure off my knee.

Coach recommended I get one of those foam rollers. I have been using it and it helps.