Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cooper Gap Conquest

Amy and I conquered Cooper Gap on our x2cycle today. We parked at Camp Wahsega so our return ride would be all downhill. We planned to leave everything on the climb. :)

The ride started off with a bad omen. Two ambulances and a cop cruiser came flying by us heading towards Turner Creek. We shook it off quickly though and had nothing but good vibes the rest of the day. I hope whoever they were coming for is okay.

Amy climbed like a rock star. She was breathing easy enough to hold a conversation all the way until the very end where we hit the real steep stuff. When we got to the top she even asked if we could keep going to see the dry waterfall on 42.

The weather was amazing. I wore shorts with arm warmers and was super comfortable. The dogwoods were blooming and half the trees were this beautiful yellow green color. We stopped for awhile by the cabin and took in the beautiful views.

The downhill made up for all the climbing. My arms were flapping around like crazy over some of the brake bumps. It was hilarious.

Next time I think we might park at the top of Cooper Gap and ride over to Hightower Gap to see the lake. Maybe Amy will drive the car back down from Cooper Gap and let me enjoy the downhill again.

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chocolate girl said...

Cool! Glad to hear how well Amy is doing on the bike! Keep up the great work. Missing you in Moab......