Sunday, November 02, 2008


Amy I rode FATS this weekend. These may be the funnest trails I have ever ridden. Every climb has a purpose. Once you hit the top you will be rewarded with as many jumps, drops, hips, berms, and gullies as the trail designer could cram in before the trail turns back up hill. It is a like a giant pump track. Thank you so much FATS man. You are a master trail designer.

Luckily my parents live like 10 minutes from the trail. Amy and I drove down to Augusta Saturday and rode for a couple hours before heading to my parents house. Once we got there my mom started filling our plates with crab legs, steak, potatoes, green beans, zucchini, carrots, bread, ice cream, and chocolate cake. Next thing I knew it was morning. I must have drifted off in some kind of food coma. All that sleeping made me hungry so my mom started in with fruit, pancakes, OJ, sausage, bacon, croissants, and eggs when I woke up.

After I could eat no more, I crawled my way to the car and slumped over my bike once we got to the trail head. Amy and I rode together for an hour to try and reduce the size of my belly. Amy is getting so fast now that she routinely runs up on my rear tire. I keep thinking it is some racer type so I try to pull off the trail to get out of their way. It happened so many times this weekend that I had to ask Amy to call out when she catches me so I know it is her and I don't have to dive off the trail.

After Amy and I rode together, I went back out for a couple more loops. I couldn't quite work off all the food I ate but I tried my best. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the food and company. Amy and I had a great time.