Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cooper Creek

Amy and I did a fun ride today at Cooper Creek WMA. Here is a pic of Amy after a long downhill.

Here I am cruising down a scenic forest service road.

Here I am checking out the view off a bridge

Here is what I was looking at

We ended up getting 13 miles in at just under 3 hours. Amy rode the whole thing without the x2cycle. Go Amy!!!

We also rode Saturday at Gainesville college. We wanted to scout the trail out a little for the clinic that Amy is going to next week. Afterwards we went to my sister's house in Dahlonega.

My niece showed me how well she can ride her bike now. She is fearless. She pedals as fast as she can downhill and can turn on a dime. I wish I had some pics to show how well she leans her bike to turn. I need to get one of those tag-a-long bikes and start taking her up to the forest roads at Bull Mtn.

Amy and I had a great time babysitting the kids. We played games, watched Babe, and ate some awesome lasagna (my favorite) that my sister made. It was a great weekend.


Amy said...

What a great weekend! The drive from Dahlonega to Suches so so pretty, and on the way back we had some good bbq that a guy was selling at a small motercycle shop on the side of the road.

The changes James made to my bike made it much more fun to ride over the rutty and rocky roads.

Definitely a great weekend!

Rena said...

Glad to hear you liked the lasagna, you being the connoisseur and all. Thanks again for watching the kids. It was a big help. Meant to tell you that Maggie had a friend over the other day. The friend tried to ride Maggie's bike but said it was too much for her. Maggie said "Hmmph, not too much for me." And hopped on it with a big smile of her face. This is her friend who is always smoking her on the monkey bars. She was proud. It was cute.