Sunday, August 10, 2008


Just got back from TN on a fun camping and riding trip with Amy. Click on this link to chocolate girl's blog post if you want more information about the Saturday ride. There is no way I could say it any better than that.

After the ride I was wrecked. Somehow I got dehydrated and just could not think clearly. I laid around in our campsite for a couple hours drinking water. After drinking about seven thirty ounce bottles I was finally starting to perk back up. Amy and I made some sandwiches then went for walk to escape our crazy camp neighbors.

I got a good night's sleep in my brand new tent Amy got me for my birthday. It has windows everywhere and even a big skylight at the top. I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at stars until I passed back out. Thank you so much Amy for this weekend I really had a great time.

Sunday we packed up our site and headed over to Brush Creek. We rode there for a couple hours. It was our first time riding this trail and we both really enjoyed it. Amy claims it is her new favorite trail. When we got back to the car, I loaded up on more water and food and headed back out to the Tanasi trails. I did a big three hour loop there and still didn't ride everything. What an awesome trail system.

I took jmillron's advice and soaked my legs in the river after the ride so I am hoping I will still have something left for tomorrow. I tried to drink and eat as much as possible today, and I feel much better now than I did yesterday. Since I took the day off work, I might as well go do something fun.


chocolate girl said...

Great to see ya'll Saturday. I'm glad Amy likes Brush Creek as much we do. Next big trip w/the group will have to be Tanasi!
Happy Birthday, enjoy your day off:-)

Amy said...

This was such a fun trip! I had a great time riding on Sat and Sun, and also really enjoyed spending some time on Sunday afternoon at the Whitewater Center, watching the rafters and boaters. The weather was perfect, and our new tent was great! I'm looking forward to another trip up there sometime soon. We've already picked out a couple of different restaurants to try in the Copperhill/McCaysville area. Can't wait to go back!