Sunday, January 06, 2008

reward for getting out of bed

alarm shrieks violently
body springs to silence it
cold air invades my cocoon
burrow deeper under covers

it is too cold
been sick all week
eleven days since last ride
wastes too much gas

hardly know any of the people
too slow to keep up
gained too much weight
stop stop stop stop

check the weather
throw on some clothes
grab water, food
load bike, helmet, shoes

crank up the tunes
sing like you know the words
smile starts to come
great way to start the day

beautiful ride
shared with amazing people
funny jokes, stories
reward for getting out of bed

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Al said...

Hey that's a pretty good picture!

James Bigler said...

It is an excellent picture. Thanks for taking it Al!

i8chocolate said...

Glad you got out of bed! Great to ride with you. This wkd's my turn to get motivated to get out of bed...see you at Noontoola!