Monday, January 21, 2008

bike lust

No riding for me this weekend. The cold scared me off.

I spent most of time looking at commuter bicycles online. I have a nice road bike that I commute on. I don't need really need a new bike. There is no hurt in looking though.

Here are some of the ones I found.

ANT bikes

This guy is an artist who happens to build custom bikes. He has some serious style. I have his flickr stream in my rss reader. Daily art delivered to my door.

Civia cycles

These guys make some pretty cool looking production bikes. Same owner as Surly and Salsa so the quality is probably pretty good.


Cool Dutch bikes available with a Nuvinci hub

Breezer bikes

I like all the features on this bike (chain case, internal gear hub, dynamo with front and rear lights, fenders, etc ...) except for the 26" wheels. I guess they did that to run bigger tires. I would rather have 700cc wheels though.

I would really like a bike with a shaft drive, because I hate oiling my chain. Sheldon Brown's website says they don't work very well though. I could probably live with a good chain case.

Maybe I will get lucky and someone will steal my road bike so I can buy one of these bad boys. It is a nasty addiction.

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