Wednesday, March 15, 2006

First Workout With Coach

Did my first workout with my coach. Pasted my comments I sent to him below. This was the first time I rode with a cadence meter. It was also the first time I tried to hold my heart rate in that range. My coach calls it a push interval. Not sure how that relates to other people's terms.


I got a late start but did get my workout in.

46 min @ 118 AHR @ 90-95 RPM in BR/18

First 10 min was in BR/21. Heart rate topped out at 114. Tried to
shift to BR/18 but legs started to burn a little at this resistance.
Switched back to BR/21 for 10 minutes at 95 RPM. After 10 minutes
switched back to BR/18 and legs felt much better.

25 min @ 146 AHR @ 72-74 RPM in BR/15

First 5 min heartrate topped out at 138. Switched to BR/14. Legs
started to burn heartrate went up to 152. Held this for maybe 5
minutes. Then heart rate headed up to 158. Switched back to BR/15.
Could not really keep heartrate fixed. Would bouce around from 143 to

8 min @ 123 AHR @ 90-95 RPM in BR/18

Took about two minutes for heartrate to come down to 120. Easy spin
to hold 120.

25 min @ 144 AHR @ 72-74 RPM in BR/15

Kept tighter control on heartrate. Still bounced around from 146-154.
Found that at 147 I didn't really feel like I was working. If I
tried to just nudge my heartrate up a little bit, my mouth would open
and my breathing would increase. In addition my legs would just start
to burn and resist. A couple times I was able to hold this "just
barely uncomfortable" intensity for maybe 2 minutes and my heartrate
would be 150 or 151. Most times though I would overshoot or back off
too soon and my heartrate would jump around.

46 min @ 120 AHR @ 90-95 RPM in BR/18

Heartrate came down in two minutes. Pretty much easy spin to finish workout.

Legs were not wobbly when I got off bike. Energy level felt fine.
Butt felt sore/raw. Also would go numb if I didn't stand up every 5
minutes for a couple seconds. I have been playing with my seat angle
but I guess I haven't found where I am comfortable. I have the same
saddle on my mountain bike with no problems.

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