Thursday, March 16, 2006

First time in zone

I actually felt what a push interval is supposed to feel like tonight. Instead of being so spastic and jumping around all over the place, I actually got in a groove for a little while. I hope I can recreate the feeling in the future. Here are the comments I sent to my coach.


ust wanted to give you an update on my workout tonight.

55 min @ 95 RPM @ 111 AHR in BR/21

Actually had to start in 23 and spin a little while to get my legs
warmed up. Still having problems with my saddle I checked it with a
level and checked the distance from my pedals to the top of the
saddle. It is set up just like my mountain bike. Feet and
unmentionables would go numb after 10 minutes. Had to stand up and
keep adjusting my position front to back on the saddle.

40 min @ 75 RPM @ 137 AHR in BR/15

Took a long time to get heart rate up to 150 maybe 25 minutes. First
I tried to watch my cadence and picture my heartrate going up but that
wasn't working for me. Heartrate stayed below 120. Next I tried to
focus on my pedalstoke and find a pressure that would just start to
make my legs burn. I ignored my heartrate and would only glance at my
cadence every couple minutes. This worked better. I could feel the
tension slowing building with each pedal stroke being a tiny bit more
difficult. After awhile my heartrate plateaued at about 135. So I
focused more on pedalstroke. I tried imagining rolling a log like you
suggested. I pictured this big log that would take lots of power to
budge. I imagined that I had to keep the momentum of the log rolling
by keeping a steady rhythm and not cheating any of my pedal stokes.
It made think about rowing a boat where you can't just make spastic
powerful strokes you have to have well timed fluid stokes. After
awhile my hamstrings relaxed a little and I dropped my heels a little
and it felt much more natural. My head went in a different place. I
would glance down every couple minutes and my heartrate had fallen
right at 150 and stayed there for maybe 10 minutes. After awhile I
lost my focus. My feet went numb from my saddle. I had to stand up
for few seconds. Never got back in the same rhythm but it was still
more consistent then Tuesday.

55 min @ 95 RPM @ 111 AHR in BR/21

My mind start to wander on this last part. It was hard to stay
motivated. My saddle was annoying the crap out of me. Was happy when
this last part was over.

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