Monday, February 11, 2008

first day back

I must have set some kind of record for sleeping this weekend. 15 hours on Thursday, 13 hours on Friday, and 11 hours on Saturday. The flu really kicked my butt, and I needed every minute of that sleep.

Saturday I cleaned up my old Sugar and gave it to a friend of Amy's. Felt good to pass it on to someone who can get some use out it. Other than the chain suck it was a great bike. I loved the way the suspension felt on the downhills.

Sunday I saw the movie "Juno". It was kinda quirky. The main character was as cute as she could be though, and I enjoyed watching her story.

I rode today for the first time since I got the flu. I just did my normal commute to and from work, but it felt almost epic at times. Funny how you can lose fitness so much faster than you can gain it.

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i8chocolate said...

Glad to have you back!