Monday, September 24, 2007

The Big Red Top Mountain

Bubba and I rode at Red Top Mountain State Park Saturday. What a great trail for children. The trail is almost 4 miles of gravel roads with a very gentle grade. Bubba rode the whole trail without even using the x2cycle. We also took a couple long detours exploring some of the side trails.

My favorite part of the day was when Bubba showed me his new moves he has been practicing in his front yard. He went tearing off down his driveway pedaling as hard as he could. Then he cuts it off the driveway into the grass and goes bombing down this big hill pedaling the whole time. He powerslides it around the corner of his house and goes flying into the backyard. He reappears a minute later and grinds almost all the way back up the hill he just descended. He then showed me his slow speeds maneuvering around the swing set and parked cars. I was really impressed. 3 months ago he could barely pedal down the driveway. He looks like a pro now.

Sunday Amy and I did a quick ride on the silver comet. I played around with the camera.

I like the way this picture shows the difference in wheel size, top tube height, fork rake, wheelbase, etc ...

Whoops. I have never tried taking a picture like this before. It is harder than it looks.

I tried taking a couple pictures to show how the x2cycle attaches.

Here is a picture of my Clark Custom Cycle.


i8chocolate said...

Sorry I missed you on the comet! Looks like Bubba is turning into quite the little mtn biker. Those over the shoulder shots are tricky. Just take 30, and 1 will turn out!

DAE said...

Man it is great to see the flag ship myronicus in action. In Nov. I will be going to Tucson and I will be making up shop shits for the folks that were in the beginning and you are the first. I need your shirt size and it would be great to hear from you.