Sunday, March 25, 2007


Amy and I rode the dwelling loop at Blankets Creek yesterday. I didn't plan very well. First I meant to bring the camera but I forgot. Second we left the house a little too late. By the time we got there it was pretty hot. Like 85 degrees hot. Amy was smart enough to bring extra water. With the extra water and frequent stops, luckily we avoided any dehydration or heat stroke problems.

This was Amy's first time riding the infamous dwelling loop. The loop is a little under 4 miles. Most of the trail winds around the banks of a large lake. There are lots of short steep ups and downs. It is the most popular trail in Georgia. It is also the subject of much heated debate on the SORBA forum. People get very angry when even the slightest change is made to trail. I think most of time people are just bored at work and looking to stir up a little trouble. Most of the volunteers that maintain the trail do not enjoy the criticism however.

We had a good ride, and even made jokes about posting on the forum another controversial blanket's topic as we rode. I found this thread today on the forum of some friends who rode blankets yesterday as well. The pictures might give you an idea of what the trail looked like.

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